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Macpherson Smith Rural Foundation

The Macpherson Smith Rural Foundation Limited (MSRF), a charitable institution, was established in 2008 with a grant from the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust.

Vision: A thriving, confident rural Victoria driven by inspiring leaders

Mission: To play a leading role in promoting and enabling renewal, regeneration and development across rural Victoria

Guiding principles:

  1. Communities and individuals in rural Victoria have intrinsic value, face significant challenges, and warrant our support.
  2. Education and leadership are essential enablers of renewal, regeneration and development in rural Victoria.
  3. Young people will determine the future of rural Victoria.

Goal: To make a positive impact on 1,000 lives every year by 2017.


The Macpherson Smith Rural Foundation offers 3 major programs:

  1. Foundation Scholarships
    Up to $15,000 a year for up to the first three years of the chosen undergraduate course, subject to satisfactory annual results. Extensions beyond the initial three years will be at the discretion of the MSRF Board. Scholarship payments can be used to cover such items as fees, living and travel costs, books and equipment, and HECS payments.
  2. Mentor Program
    The Mentor Program provides guidance for the transition from VCE to university, helpful advice and support for studies and course selection, and assistance in preparing for and facilitating the transition from undergraduate to professional life. Participants are invited to join this program based on the strength of their scholarship applications.
  3. Future Rural Leaders Program
    An annual, week-long residential training program for aspiring rural leaders. Participants are invited to join this program based on the strength of their scholarship applications.

Contact details

Macpherson Smith Rural Foundation
85a Albert Street, Creswick, Victoria
(Ground floor of the old post office building)

P.O. Box 419 Ballarat, Victoria 3353
T:  03 6281 8303
E:  info@msrf.org.au
W: www.msrf.org.au