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Grantee Requirements

Grant Conditions Form

Successful applicants are required to sign the Standard Grant Conditions Form, which outlines HMSTrust’s requirements. You can download a sample Sample Standard Grant Conditions Form for your reference.

Reports and Acquittals

Reports and financial acquittals are a standard requirement for all grants.

  • Progress and Final Report forms (for grants approved prior to 2014) for projects are located in Forms. Grants approved from 2014 report via online forms accessed through My Account. Contact us if you are not sure which form to use.
  • Progress reports are required for all multi-year grants before subsequent instalments can be paid.
  • A final report on your project outcomes and expenditure is due within three months of project completion.

We appreciate photographs of your project (via email, USB or CD) for possible inclusion on our website or annual report. (Please note that photographs that feature faces require permission from all individuals or their guardians.)

If you have any queries, please contact us by email or call us on (03) 9999 3000.

Grant Amendments

You are required to contact HMSTrust with any changes to your project including key personnel, project scope, timeline, expected outcomes and outputs. If the changes are deemed significant, you will be requested to complete an HMST Grant Amendment Request Form for consideration by Trustees.

Case studies

HMSTrust prepares case studies of successful grant applications for our annual report and website. If your application is chosen as a case study you are welcome to use it as a promotional tool.

HMSTrust logo

Grantees are welcome to acknowledge our support. A jpeg or eps format of our logo is available on request. Check the HMSTrust Style Guide for Grantees for detail.