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Grant Levels

Which grant should I apply for?

All grant applications are required to fit within one of our five Programs and match to at least one of that Program’s focus areas. Your project must meet at least three of our five Key Objectives. Opening and closing dates for each grants round are set out under grant dates.

Within our open grants rounds, there are three grant levels ranging from One-off Grants to the Social Impact Grants.

One-off Grants – up to $30,000

  • 1-stage online application process
  • One-off grants for projects which deliver good, practical community outcomes
  • Projects are normally completed within one year, but can extend over a longer period
  • 2-month turnaround from application closing date to notification

Multi-year Grants – Total funding of $31,000 to $90,000 (over 2 to 3 years)

  • Initial consultation with HMSTrust Grants staff is recommended. We encourage you to contact us before the grants round opens. Contact Grants staff here
  • 1-stage online application process
  • 2 to 3-year grants for larger projects which deliver good, practical community outcomes
  • Projects are 2-3 years in duration, and grant payments are made in annual instalments dependent on receipt of a satisfactory Project Report and Financial Acquittal
  • 2-month turnaround from application closing date to notification

These grants are for smaller projects, the application process is straightforward and the turnaround time is quick.

Social Impact Grants – Total funding of $91,000 to $200,000 (up to 3 years)

Social Impact Grants are highly competitive and few are awarded.

Social Impact Grants respond to larger funding requests for well-developed projects, with clearly defined milestones based on solid data. These grants involve a longer and more complex application process. Here are the key differences:

Initial consultation with HMSTrust Grants staff is essential.

We have a 2-stage online application process. The Stage 1 online application form can only be accessed via an individual access code provided by HMSTrust Grants staff following discussion about your project.

We recommend you contact us well in advance of the opening date and don’t leave it until the last minute. Contact Grants staff here.

  • Grants up to 3 years are considered for projects which clearly demonstrate positive long-term social impact. Applications will need to include:
    • Sustainable business model
    • Robust business plan supported by substantiated data
    • Milestones for each year of funding
    • Confirmed partnerships and collaborations
    • Clearly defined outputs and outcomes
    • Plans for measurement and evaluation
    • Detailed project budget
    • Benefits to the broader sector
  • 4-month turnaround from Stage 1 application closing date to notification.
  • Grant payments for multi-year grants are made in annual instalments dependent on receipt of satisfactory progress report and financial acquittal.

By invitation only – Lead Grants – over $200,000

From time-to-time, HMSTrust will fund a major initiative for the benefit of Victoria.

  • By invitation only
  • Multi-year grants for projects and initiatives that redefine current practices
  • 3-stage process
  • Lead Grants are not linked to a specific grants round