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Our vision for a strong, just and sustainable Victoria is underpinned by our five programs and their focus areas, and our key objectives. Together these provide the funding criteria for all grant applications. All of the featured case studies under each program area include our interactive Grants Matrix which represents the program and the key objectives that were matched.

Which program should I select?
(Please note our program areas are changing from April 2017. For more information, go to Noticeboard)

  • Select the program which clearly fits your project.  You can apply in one program only.
  • Each program has three focus areas, which represent HMSTrust’s current areas of interest.  Select at least one focus area, which you will be required to justify in your application.
  • Ensure that your project also matches at least three of our five key objectives.
  • Click on the different program areas to view case studies of approved grants for that program.