Gallery Kaiela (Kaiela Arts)

Project Dunguladja – Strong Foundations

Amount $30,000

Date 2016

Program Regional Resilience (past program)

This grant was approved under previous grants policy
Rural and regional Victoria Gallery Kaiela is the only Aboriginal Art Gallery/Studio in the Goulburn Murray
Supporting Indigenous Victoria Supporting and empowering local Aboriginal artists at all stages of their professional careers.
Building organisational capacity Building capacity and capabilities within Gallery Kaiela towards a sustainable future
Extending opportunity Supporting the basic rights of Aboriginal people to be included and respected as active participants in the social, cultural, economic and educational life of Victoria
Collaboration and partnership Social Ventures Australia, Melbourne Business School, Shepparton Art Museum

Image Weaving Up. Photo: Angie Russi

A $30,000 grant from HMSTrust to develop a ten year strategic plan and marketing audit led to Gallery Kaiela successfully securing four year operational funding from the State Government and three year funding from the Federal Government.

Following a period of extensive community consultation, Gallery Kaiela worked with Social Ventures Australia, and Dr Jody Evans of Melbourne Business School,  to develop a comprehensive strategic plan and undertake a market audit leading to new brand and market positioning.

  • The resulting comprehensive 10-year plan enabled Gallery Kaiela to successfully secure, for the first time, multi-year organisational and industry support funding from both State and Federal Government totalling $600,000.
  • The plan detailed strategic initiatives and implementation steps with key success indicators for Gallery Kaiela, as well as the financial requirements for a sustainable future.
  • Gallery Kaiela is now able to easily share strategic information about the enterprise to current and potential partners.
  • The process of developing the strategic plan, provided the Board and staff of Gallery Kaiela with valuable learnings.

Gallery Kaiela