Helen Macpherson Smith Trust

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Application Flowchart

1. Check eligibility

Check Eligibility

2. Select program and focus area

Review Programs

3. Check project matches HMSTrust objectives

Review key objectives

4. Check grant levels

Review Grant levels

5. Contact us to discuss your project

Contact HMSTrust

6. Submit online application

Application Gateway

7. Receipt of application notified by email

8. Application assessed

9. Application considered by Trustees

Grant application approved

  1. Grant application approved
  2. Applicant notified by email
  3. Applicant returns required documents
  4. Grant payment made by EFT on receipt of invoice
  5. Project report submitted
  6. Multi-year grant payments dependent on receipt of progress report
  7. Grant acquitted

Grant application declined

  1. Grant application declined
  2. Applicant notified by email