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Key Objectives

Ticking the right boxes.

The Trust’s grants structure is based on a clearly defined set of grant programs and key objectives. Our five key objectives represent the Trust’s core funding criteria. The first two objectives reflect the Trust’s commitment to honouring the primary source of the Trust’s legacy and to reducing inequality. The other three objectives represent attributes that the Trust regards as essential for the effective and efficient delivery of programs and projects.

In addition to matching to at least one focus area for the specific program you intend to apply under, your project must meet at least three of the following objectives:

Strengthening rural and regional Victoria

GOAL: To strengthen the capacity, resilience and potential of communities in rural and regional Victoria.

Reducing inequality

GOAL: To reduce disadvantage, protect basic rights and extend opportunities for Victorians, with a special interest in equity for women, girls and Victorian First Peoples.

Enabling financial sustainability

GOAL: To support organisations and projects to be more viable and sustainable.

Building organisational capacity

GOAL: To develop the capabilities and capacity of organisations, communities and sectors to deliver long-term benefits.

Encouraging collaboration and partnership

GOAL: To maximise the impact of the Trust’s funding through strategic collaboration and partnerships across community sectors. Partnerships include other service providers and/or other funders including government.