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1 new Lead Grant. 19 new Multi-Year Grants.

$2.069m in new grants approved for distribution by the Trustees.

At their recent meeting on 20 April, the Trustees approved $2.069m in new grants including a Lead grant of $586,221 to Orygen Research Centre. 19 new Multi-year grants totalling $1.48m for a variety of projects across the Victorian community were also approved.  A total of 32 applications seeking $2.6m were received in the Multi-year grants round. Once again, the Trustees noted the high calibre of applications received.

The grant applications considered at the meeting were the last to be submitted under HMSTrust’s 2014-2017 Grants Matrix. The new programs and objectives have been announced and Social Impact Grant enquiries are already responding to revised criteria.

Program Area Organisation Project Title Funding Purpose  Grant Amount
Education Orygen Research Centre Youth Online Training and Employment System (#yotes) To develop and evaluate a comprehensive web-based employment support package for young people with mental illness who are unemployed, underemployed, or at risk of unemployment.  $586,221
Program Area Organisation Project Title Funding Purpose  Grant Amount
Arts and Culture Back to Back Theatre Inc Back to Back Theatre – Effecting positive social change via community artistic practice 2018-2020 To expand the impact of our Community Programs and increase community reach across Victoria, refining our programs for long-term application and return on community investment.  $90,000
Ballarat International Foto Biennale Enriched relationships for greater outcomes: Supporting a position to drive long-term collaborative and financial relationships. To deliver new capacity to manage a sustainable, extended partnerships program enabling growth and deepened relationships with BIFB’s cultural and investment partners, in Ballarat, engaging local, state and federal organisations.  $90,000
Melbourne Youth Orchestras SCALING UP: Investing in the growth of Melbourne Youth Orchestras’ fundraising and development capacity To invest in the people and resources needed for MYO to build its fundraising and development capacity over a two year period.  $82,500
Outer Urban Projects Ltd Linkages Employment Generator:A pilot training and employment program of Outer Urban Projects To train up to 60 new young artists to be work ready and employable on OUP’s fee for service Urban Events Social Enterprise and in the wider performing arts industry.  $90,000
Education Berengarra School Ltd Transforming Berengarra School into a trauma-informed model of positive education through the BSEM To assist with the development of a new program designed purely to meet the needs of students with backgrounds of developmental trauma and integrate the BSEM across Berengarra’s existing programs.  $68,263
Green Collect Governance and strategy capacity building to support impact growth and enterprise sustainability To develop and implement a performance-driven governance framework and business strategy that will enable Green Collect to achieve overall enterprise sustainability and grow our impact.  $58,000
Horn of African Communities Network in Victoria Inc Let Us Start Again: Economic Participation for Women from Refugee Backgrounds To enable women from refugee backgrounds living in the outer west of Melbourne to access opportunities to participate economically in the Victorian community.  $90,000
SisterWorks Incorporated SisterWorks Creative Enterprises: Connecting the best Australian practices with a multicultural experience To generate a strong income as a social enterprise that develops businesses with its Entrepreneurs. Our success will be measured: 1-the women’s financial progress 2-our ability to support more women.  $60,000
SPELD Victoria SPELD-Victoria – Building Capacity to assist Victorians with Specific Learning Difficulties including Dyslexia To build SPELD-Victoria’s IT capacity with integrated systems to drive organizational efficiency, effectiveness and growth in order to enable the long term outcomes listed under Additional Information.  $40,000
Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals Inc Ourschool — helping state secondary schools build thriving alumni communities to benefit current students To deliver a pilot of an alumni service (called Ourschool) to a group of metropolitan and regional state secondary schools  $30,000
Westside Circus The Altitude Project (Shepparton) To embed circus in the ongoing practice of the project partners to support disengaged youth in Shepparton to access and maintain engagement with education, and achieve success in employment.  $90,000
Environment Bush Heritage Australia Collaborative habitat restoration and woodland bird resilience in the Kara Kara-Wedderburn Landscape To implement actions from the Kara Kara-Wedderburn (KKW) Landscape Plan to manage key threats to threatened temperate woodland bird communities across an expanded protected area.  $85,880
Federation University Australia State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams (SWIFFT) and Visualising Victoria’s Biodiversity To further expand SWIFFT and VVB as a key state-wide resource for increasing awareness, knowledge sharing and connectedness across Victorian communities for biodiversity conservation planning and management.  $90,000
Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater From Yellingbo to Butterfield: a community-led model of habitat restoration for endangered and threatened species To provide the increasing number of HeHo breeding pairs with quality habitat and reduce the risks (disease, fire, drought and diminished genetic diversity) of their currently restricted YNCR sole location.  $74,044
People and Parks Environment Trust Conserving Park Environments and Aboriginal Burial Sites in Murray Sunset National Park To undertake remediation work to restore erosion-affected sand dunes and to undertake conservational and educational measures to prevent future erosion events to burial sites impacted by erosion in these dunes.  $90,000
The Conservation Ecology Trust How Do Threatened Native Mammals Respond to the ‘Otway Ark’? To understand how populations of threatened mammal species in the Otways respond to landscape scale control of foxes.  $85,041
Regional Resilience Deakin University The role of Peer Mentors in breaking the cycle of crime and imprisonment in Geelong To undertake a trial of peer led mentoring program for people leaving prison and returning to Geelong under the supervision of Community Correctional Services to test applicability in the Australian context.  $90,000
Save the Children Australia Children’s Wellbeing Initiative – East Gippsland To deliver a collective impact model to implement collaborative community responses to the needs of children and youth in East Gippsland, so that they can grow up safe, happy and healthy.  $90,000
Smiling Mind Smiling Mind for Regional Victoria: Curriculum Mapping and Teacher Training To extend Smiling Mind’s Australian Curriculum mapping to the Victoria-specific curriculum. To develop and pilot test a train-the trainer model of teacher training for use in regional Victoria.  $89,000