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Impact Grants now open.

Applications are by enquiry only. Stage 1 Applications close 31 May 2018.

Our Impact Grants round is currently open for enquiries. These are our larger grants of $91k-200k for well-developed projects aiming for substantial long-term outcomes.

As the name suggests, the key for this grant level is impact. Trustees are looking for projects with a very strong fit to a Program focus area, and to our Key Objectives.

At this grant level, the Trust is looking for proposals that have a strong potential to achieve significant outcomes within our program focus areas. The type of activities that may be considered included those that: will result in benefits across multiple organisations or communities; have substantial reach in beneficiary numbers; or take a new approach to an identified sector issue within one of our focus areas.  Proposals at this level must be at the right stage of planning. This grant level is for projects which have well-developed project implementation plans, partners on board, and a well-thought through budget. It is not appropriate for projects which are still at the concept stage.

Impact Grants have a two-stage application process, and require potential applicants to discuss their proposal with Grants staff initially. The Stage 1 application form requires a pass code to access the form. This is only given out by a member of the Grants team once we have discussed your project and it has been approved to progress to the application stage. Grants staff respond to a high volume of enquiries for this round, so contact needs to be made well in advance of the deadline of 31 May 2018.   A ‘request to discuss an application’ form is available under the Contact Us page of this website.

Impact Grants have a 5-month turnaround from Stage 1 application closing date to final notification of successful applications. On average, only 6-7 Impact Grants are funded each year which equates to approximately 1-2 projects in each Program area.

The Impact Grant level has been available since 2014. Click this link to view the list of 2017 successful Impact Grants. You can also search our Grants Database using the filter by grant amount.