Shepparton Capacity Building Cohort

Project Shepparton Community Share

Amount $109,500 combined

Date 2015

Program Regional Resilience (past program)

This grant was approved under our previous grants policy (Jan 2014 – March 2017)
Rural and regional Victoria Establish a network amongst four key Shepparton-based not-for-profit agencies providing services to vulnerable people in rural and regional Victoria
Building organisational capacity Create a model to support the exchange of information and identify and deliver shared improvements to support activities
Collaboration and partnership Collaboration between FamilyCare, ConnectGV, Bridge Youth Service, Primary Care Connect

Image L-R: Kim Turner (Independent Facilitator), Melinda Lawley (The Bridge CEO), Rebecca Lorains (Primary Care Connect CEO), Bruce Giovanetti (ConnectGV CEO), David Tennant (FamilyCare CEO)

In May 2015, HMSTrust trialled a capacity-building grants round in Shepparton, which resulted in 11 Community One-off Grants being awarded. Four of the grantees formed a cohort, each submitting a separate application, taking responsibility for a component of the innovative collective impact project.


The Shepparton Community Share agencies and their areas of activity are: ConnectGV, provider of disability services, reviewing information technology and communication needs across the partner agencies; Primary Care Connect, community health provider, investigating the potential for efficiencies in the ordering and management of essential services; The Bridge Youth Service, youth support provider, exploring opportunities to develop and enhance social media opportunities among the partners; and FamilyCare, regional provider of child and family services, facilitating the development and implementation of a framework.

Objectives include:

  • Engage an independent facilitator to develop a governance model;
  • Increase efficiencies and improvements in  essential support and back-office functions;
  • Build collaboration between the partner agencies individually and as a group;
  • Build relationships with key external stakeholders, including other community agencies, funding bodies and product and service providers in areas covered by the projects; and
  • Document and evaluate the collaboration to capture learnings for the benefit of other agencies operating in Shepparton and in similar communities.

Primary Care Connect
The Bridge Youth Service