We seek to address educational disadvantage through community-based partnerships.

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  • Children and young people with higher levels of socio-economic disadvantage and vulnerability (for example, those from rural and regional geographic locations, First Nations backgrounds, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and students with disability) often have poorer educational outcomes.

    Children and young people experiencing disadvantage and vulnerability often have complex needs and require additional, holistic support to ensure the best possible educational outcomes.

  • Schools, early learning services, families, communities and other child and family support services are deeply interconnected systems. When working together, they can better support complex needs and thus reduce educational disadvantage and ultimately improve educational outcomes.

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Our Support

We support non-profit organisations that work in partnership with early learning and school education providers to improve educational outcomes for children and young people experiencing disadvantage.

This includes organisations working with children, young people, families, educators, educational leaders, education providers, systems and community organisations. It also includes those working to improve access, participation, engagement, quality, opportunities, pathways and overall learning outcomes.

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In Victoria, equal opportunity and quality outcomes are not available for all children and young people, especially those experiencing disadvantage.

Emerging evidence and practice suggest that high-quality education and support can create a path to better life outcomes for individuals, and economic and non-economic benefits to society.

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The Trust has a long history of supporting stronger educational outcomes for Victorians.

  • 5

    long-term partnerships established to support education since 2023
  • $2.9

    granted to education projects since 2023
  • $25.7m

    granted in total to granted in total to education projects since inception

How we grant

To maximise the benefit to applicants and streamline the application process, we engage closely with prospective grantees to ensure strong alignment with our funding priorities and strategic approach. This approach aims to increase the success and impact of each selected applicant. The Trust accepts applications by invitation only and does not receive unsolicited applications.

  1. If your organisation is seeking support and is a Victorian-based charity working in the areas identified as strategic priorities of the Trust, you are welcome to email us to provide brief information about your organisation and proposed project.

  2. Select organisations addressing the priority areas and aligned with the Trust’s approach will be asked to submit a brief expression of interest.

  3. Following the expression of interest, a small number of organisations will be asked to submit a full application.