Grants at a Glance

Grants at a Glance

Total grants: $3,765,255 across our five Program areas

Education and Vocational Pathways

Education and vocational initiatives that help individuals improve their circumstances.

Focus areas:

  • Engaging and retaining children and youth in education
  • Transitioning unemployed people and their communities into meaningful work
  • Enabling migrants and refugees to transition into Victoria’s culturally diverse community
Grants at a Glance

Regional Resilience

Projects and programs that deliver benefits to rural and regional communities.

Focus areas:

  • Social enterprise
  • Cross-sector and cross-community collaboration
  • Long-term social cohesion
*in addition to the 14 Regional Resilience grants, 30 grants under the other four program areas supported activities in regional Victoria.
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Culture and Heritage

Creative initiatives that give voice to communities by attracting local participation, encouraging public engagement and developing a sense of place.

Focus areas:

  • Strengthening collective capacity
  • Building collaborative cultural networks
  • Fostering creativity to enrich lives
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Land and Environmental Stewardship

Initiatives that deliver responsible conservation of Victoria’s natural environments through cooperative projects and sustainable practices.

Focus areas:

  • Conserving biodiversity at all landscape scales
  • Protecting and managing Victoria’s water systems
  • Nurturing landscapes as sustainable environmental systems
Grants at a Glance

Health Advancement

Major multi-year grants that lead to better health outcomes and quality of life.

This grant category is ONLY available for Social Impact Grants.

Focus areas:

  • Translational research
  • Improved access to health services
  • Learning opportunities
Grants at a Glance