Our Team

The HMSTrust management structure is centred around the Board of Trustees, who are responsible for overarching governance and decision-making across the Trust's three key areas of operations: grantmaking, investment, and finance and compliance. In addition to attendance at Trustees' Meetings, Trustees elect to sit on the Investment Committee and the Grants Advisory Committee.

Each area of the Trust's operations are staffed with skilled professionals who are responsible for delivering on HMSTrust's vision, mission and strategic aims.

Our Team

Our Trustees. L-R (top) Phil Moors, Alex Gartmann, Claire Higgins, Rod Kemp, (lower) Winsome McCaughey, Bruce Parncutt, Keith Smith, Cathy Walter.


Dr Philip Moors AO  Chairman
Alexandra Gartmann
Claire Higgins
The Hon Rod Kemp
Winsome McCaughey AO (retired 20 November 2018)
Bruce Parncutt AO
Keith Smith (UK-based)
Catherine Walter AM

For further details of our Trustees, visit the full Trustees page on our website.

Our Team

Our staff. L-R: Glen Thomson, Sarah Bartak, Lin Bender, Michelle Springall, Lea-Anne Bradley, and Ryley (front).


Lin Bender AM  Chief Executive
Glen Thomson  Finance Executive
Lea-Anne Bradley  Grants Manager
Sarah Bartak  Grants and Communications Officer
Michelle Springall  Grants Support and Executive Assistant

For further details of our staff, visit the full Staff page on our website.

Grants Advisory Committee

Dr Philip Moors AO  Committee Chair (to 2 April 2019)
Claire Higgins Committee Chair (from 2 April 2019)
Alexandra Gartmann
Winsome McCaughey AO (to 20 November 2018)
Keith Smith
Lin Bender AM

Investment Committee

Catherine Walter AM  Committee Chair
Dr Philip Moors AO
The Hon Rod Kemp
Bruce Parncutt AO
Lin Bender AM
Glen Thomson