A legacy of profound good work…

A legacy of profound good work…

Surely there can be no greater testament to a chair of a philanthropic trust than an absolute cavalcade of commendation from its grantees. Their range is far reaching across: education, digital mental health, citizen scientists, biotech researchers, indigenous gathering places, entrepreneurship capability building, hospitality social enterprise, rural leaders, tenant legal resources, flora and fauna conservation, ancestor resting place restoration and women’s leadership education.

It is gratifying to us, as Phil’s co-trustees, to see him acknowledged in testimonials for his vision, leadership, expertise, thirst for learning, sheer hard work and commitment. And for his personal attributes of being generous, respectful, thoughtful, warm and authentic.

Phil retires from the Trust after 10 industrious and productive years as a trustee including six years as chair, succeeding the inaugural multi-decadal chair, Darvell Hutchinson and the marvellous benefactress, Helen Macpherson Smith.

Phil leaves a legacy of profound good works of which he should deservedly be proud. We will all strive to continue his, Darvell’s and Helen’s visionary work.

Catherine Walter AM
Chair, HMSTrust (appointed 26 November 2020)

The following quotes are extracts from notes of appreciation received from colleagues and grantees. The full testimonials are available here.

Philanthropy Australia

“…Congratulations on a decade of stellar leadership of the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust.  I’d also like to add a personal thank you for your invaluable support and encouragement of me, my colleagues and of Philanthropy Australia. You have inspired us, supported us, encouraged us – and we have all truly loved and appreciated working with you – thank you.”

Sarah Davies AM

People and Parks Foundation

“…You and your HMSTrust colleagues have walked with us on Country to visit the Ancestors’ Resting Places, and have seen the new growth blossoming there.  Our three-way partnership and the capacity of the First People of the Millewa Mallee Aboriginal Corporation is stronger as a result of your involvement.  Thank you to HMSTrust for being a key part of Healing Country Together with us.”

Alison Hill
Managing Director, People and Parks Foundation
Uncle Tinawin Nukkun
Chair, First People of the Millewa Mallee Aboriginal Corporation, Ponnun Pulgi Coordinator
Matthew Jackson
CEO, Parks Victoria

Melbourne Business School

“…At a time in Australia’s history when the demands on the for-purpose sector have never been greater, Philip Moors’ legacy will see the HMSTrust and the School rise to meet this challenge, as they have done before, at the very establishment of the School and in inspiring talented women to pursue careers in leadership and management.”

Ian Harper AO
Dean & Director

Biolinks Alliance

“…We are ever grateful for Philip Moors, and the Board he led, for their clever investment in building our operational capacity.”

Sophie Bickford
Executive Director

Justice Connect

“…Thanks to the visionary support of the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, Justice Connect has developed Dear Landlord , which is our first interactive digital self-help tool to prevent homelessness.”

Chris Povey

Shepparton Community Share

“…We are not the first funding recipients to acknowledge the relationship with the HMSTrust is a special and unique experience. As a Trustee for the last decade and Chair since 2014, Phil Moors has played a central role in enhancing the reputation of HMSTrust to deliver exciting opportunities and sustainable change.”

David Tennant
CEO, FamilyCare


“…Over the years, WEstjustice has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Helen Macpherson Smith Trust under the leadership of Philip Moors. In 2017, HMSTrust agreed to fund the development of the School Lawyer Program Framework, which led to the codification and expansions of the concept nationally.”

Melissa Hardham


“…Our sincerest thanks to Phil and the whole HMSTrust team for backing our vision and also helping grow the social enterprise sector in Victoria. As we now enter our second decade with increasing need, we thank you for helping us build a solid foundation for the unprecedented challenges ahead of us. Thank you for helping us make meals that matter. They’ll always be a place for you at our table, please come and share some deliciousness with us soon.”

Rebecca Scott
Co-founder and CEO

Youthrive Victoria

“…Phil’s leadership was a guiding light through Youthrive Victoria’s move to independence from HMSTrust and the renaming/rebranding which has been critical to our success.”

Bruce Anderson

Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE)

“…As early pioneers of entrepreneurship education in Victoria, ACRE would like to commend the leadership of Phil Moors and the role HMST has played to build the case for young Victorians learning entrepreneurship capabilities through social enterprise.”

Matt Pfahlert
Co-founder and CEO


“…Without the support of Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and the dedicated and inspiring work of Trustees like Phil Moors, Orygen Digital wouldn’t be what it is today.”

Professor Mario Alvarez-Jimenez
Director, Orygen DIGITAL

Western Chances

“…The Helen Macpherson Smith Trust has been a strong supporter of Western Chances since 2012, not only financially but for additional support.  We know if we call on the Trust for help, we will be given generously of time and wise advice. This doesn’t just happen; it’s due to the culture created at the organisation and the leadership example set by Phil as a Trustee and then Chair.”

Terry Bracks
Founding Chair

Oonah Belonging Place

“…Without your belief in our Belonging Place dreams and the generosity that allowed us to pursue them, I firmly believe we would not be where we are today. Words cannot express how we appreciate the support and friendships you have shown us over the years.”

Anne Jenkins

Connecting Country

“…HMSTrust’s funding and input into Connecting Country’s ‘Stewards for Woodland Birds’ and ‘Habitat Health Check’ projects (2017-2020) provided essential support for our long-term biodiversity monitoring. Our monitoring programs simply would not have continued without HMSTrust, and we are most grateful for their support.”

Frances Howe

Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

“…Monash University was honoured to be the first recipient of an HMSTrust Social Impact grant in 2014. The $1.2M grant established an open-access analytical facility to support local researchers from universities, research institutes and start-up biotechnology companies.  The investment in 2014 has benefited hundreds of researchers, dozens of companies, created jobs and saved the life of at least one Victorian.”

Michelle McIntosh,
Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Director Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre
Director HMSTrust Analytical Laboratory

River Nile Learning Centre

“…We’re immensely appreciative of HMSTrust’s support of River Nile since our early beginnings. Of note was a 2016 grant giving us capacity to achieve specific needs, essential to our successfully gaining registration to become a school. We appreciated Dr Phil Moors leadership of HMSTrust and investment in our relationship including through bringing the HMSTrust Board to our centre in 2017 to gain insight to their grant impacts in transforming the lives of the young women we support.”

Lisa Wilson
Principal – River Nile School
Director – River Nile Learning Centre

HMSTrust Grants Advisory Committee

“It has been a privilege on both a personal and professional basis to have had the chance to work with you over the past almost 4 years.  I have truly appreciated your support and friendship throughout that time. On taking up the role of GAC Chair, I have been particularly impressed with how you have built an interested, caring relationship with grantees, with a genuine aspiration to see our grantees being successful – it is something that I hope to be able to emulate!  I have also had the opportunity to witness your leadership of HMSTrust in the broader philanthropic community and have seen at first hand, the deep respect that the industry has for you and therefore, the HMSTrust. Congratulations on your 10 years with HMSTrust, thank you for the encouragement and support you have given me – a philanthropic newby!!”

Claire Higgins
Chair, HMSTrust Grants Advisory Committee

HMSTrust Staff

“The past six years under your leadership have been transformative. Taking over from Darvell Hutchinson after his 50 years at the helm of HMSTrust required a special kind of leader. You brought to the role a patient strength of purpose that, together with your respect for the history of the Trust, your commitment to a civil society, a deep empathy for people, and care for the environment, ensured that Helen’s legacy remained secure and relevant. Under your leadership, HMSTrust has adapted to the social, economic and environmental changes that impact our work, and you leave us with a clear roadmap for the next five years of grantmaking – our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan.

On behalf of Glen, Sarah, Amber and Michelle, thank you for your support, friendship and guidance. Tea and conversation are always on the other side of the green door at Windsor Place.”

Lin Bender AM