Grants at a Glance

Grants at a Glance

Total grants: $4,471,380 across our five Programs


GOAL: To improve access to quality, relevant and supportive education through initiatives that provide disadvantaged Victorians with the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Focus areas:

  • Engaging and retaining P-12 students
    Initiatives that target students at risk of disengaging from school.
  • Creating vocational pathways
    Certified education and training pathways that lead to meaningful work.
  • Transitioning migrants and refugees
    Education and training opportunities that will enable migrants and refugees to transition into Victoria’s culturally diverse communities.


GOAL: To improve the outcomes of all Victorians by building their capabilities and resilience.

Focus areas:

  • Strengthening family cohesion
    Programs and services that build parenting skills and improve long-term outcomes for children.
  • Advancing early childhood development
    Initiatives that focus on the social, emotional and cognitive development of disadvantaged pre-school children.
  • Building financial resilience
    Programs that improve the financial knowledge and behaviour of Victorians exposed to risk.

Arts and Culture

GOAL: To increase local participation, encourage public engagement and develop a sense of place through the arts.

Focus areas:

  • Building social inclusion and access
    Arts projects that facilitate diverse representation, participation and engagement to build understanding and respect.
  • Developing digital capability
    Strategic adoption of digital solutions, resources and tools that enable arts organisations to be more effective and sustainable.
  • Supporting arts workers and artists
    Supporting organisations to build the business skills and financial independence of Victorian arts workers and artists to support viable careers.


GOAL: To protect and improve Victoria’s natural environments through responsible conservation projects that advance cooperative and sustainable practices.

Focus areas:

  • Conserving and restoring biodiversity
    Projects that benefit at-risk habitats and species indigenous to Victoria.
  • Protecting natural systems
    Projects that protect and improve land and water systems to meet the environmental and economic needs of current and future generations.
  • Nurturing sustainable landscapes
    Initiatives that encourage sustainable land practices and improve connectivity across landscapes.


GOAL: To improve affordable access to quality health services in rural and regional Victoria.

Focus area:

  • Improving access to mental health services in rural and regional Victoria
    Projects that provide affordable access to a full range of reliable, quality mental health services for Victorians living in rural and regional Victoria.

Under the FY18-21 Grants Strategy, this grants program was ONLY available at the Impact Grants level (grants over $90,000) and has one specific focus area.


From time to time, the Trustees approve grants at their discretion to eligible charities, including those mentioned in Helen’s Will.