Feature Grants: Social Traders

Social Traders
Build the Capacity, Sustainability and Impact of Victorian Social Enterprises
Building and scaling of social enterprise procurement across Victoria, improving social outcomes.

Helen Macpherson Smith Trust committed $600,000 over three years to support Social Traders to scale and embed social enterprise procurement, targeting private and public sector organisations in Victoria. In Victoria, Social Traders has ambition to grow social procurement spending from $91 million in 2020 to $240 million in 2025 and to certify over 350 Victorian social enterprises.

Social Traders is a pioneer of social enterprise procurement with a vision to create a thriving social enterprise sector. Established in Victoria in 2008, the organisation connects business and government with social enterprise suppliers, and advocates to governments to embed social procurement policy. The organisation also works with social enterprises to develop skills and capability with advisory services, skills building workshops and referral services.

Social Traders is progressing toward their ambitious Vision 2030 target of unlocking over $5 billion in demand for social enterprises.

Feature Grants: Social Traders

Simon Fenech, General Manager & Chance Creator at fruit2work, a certified social enterprise in Melbourne supported by Social Traders Photo: Social Traders