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Case Study: ANGAIR

ProjectContemporary Digital Management



ProgramPast Programs | Environment

This grant was approved under previous grants policy (2014-2017)
Rural and regional Victoria Promoting and preserving Anglesea/Aireys Inlet’s unique environment
Building organisational capacity Facilitating ANGAIR’s volunteer member workforce to improve collection of environmental data, propagate and research indigenous plants, and promote environmental care
Collaboration and partnership Surfcoast Shire, Surfcoast communities, ecotourists , researchers, tertiary and school groups, government departments and statutory bodies, and environmental agencies and other environmental groups

A reliable integrated digital asset management system for ANGAIR boosts Victoria’s biodiversity resources

With its primary objective to conserve indigenous vegetation on crown land in the Anglesea and Aireys Inlet area, ANGAIR plays a major role in protecting and preserving this valuable environment through research, propagation and communication with ANGAIR’s 600 members, the broader community and many environmental and land management organisations. Efficient data storage, access and management is imperative.

Image ANGAIR's Digital Asset Management System in action at its 2018 Annual Wildflower and Art Show 23-24 September. Photo: courtesy ANGAIR

ANGAIR has established an extensive collection of digital assets over the years. Upgrading the technology platform on which ANGAIR’s assets are stored was crucial for the organisation’s growing and evolving data and image repositories.


  • An effective technology platform enables ANGAIR to more readily engage with and contribute to local, regional and statewide organisations and initiatives that are engaged with conservation and preservation of the local Victorian environment.
  • A comprehensive database with associated meta-data ensures easy accessibility of the most appropriate past and future digital assets, and will enable efficient and effective use by volunteers.
  • Upgraded field data collection equipment and software facilitates propagation and research of indigenous plants to support revegetation programs and survival of endangered species.
  • The database is able to contribute and draw from various resources including the Atlas of Living Australia and Federation University/CeRDI’s SWIFFT and Visualising Victoria’s Biodiversity projects.


"Thanks to the HMSTrust, ANGAIR has been able to digitally preserve more than 50 years of legacy assets through a contemporary technology platform and a comprehensive data base, to support its future conservation work and community engagement." Peter Forster, President, ANGAIR.