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Case Study: Channel 31

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Rural and regional Victoria Expanding the digital communications capability of organisations that work for the direct benefit of communities in regional areas of Victoria
Enabling financial sustainability Enabling C31 to establish a social enterprise that works to contribute to the long-term sustainability of non-profit organisations that benefit Victorians
Building organisational capacity Building the capacity of the non-profit sector to grow audiences, increase participation and support sustainable funding models through digital communication campaigns
Collaboration and partnership ThirtyOne Digital, YouthWorx Productions, Google, Tiger Pistol, The Community Broadcasting Foundation, Project 1 Million

Building the capacity of Victoria’s not-for-profit sector to tell their stories digitally and connect with their target audiences

Effective digital storytelling is essential to support the activities of most non-profit organisations. However, it is increasingly difficult to match budgets and resources with the technical demands of deploying digital public relations campaigns, creating and distributing video content, and connecting with audiences online. C31's new social enterprise, Community Builder has been developed to specifically service these demands.

Image C31 Community Builder helps non-profits tell their stories digitally.


  • Community Builder offers Victorian non-profit organisations a cost-effective way to grow their online audiences, communicate with stakeholders and participants, collaborate across community sectors, attract funders and donors, and tell their stories across multiple online platforms.
  • At the same time, it will build the sustainability of C31 as the community television station transitions from its previous free-to-air broadcasting model to a digital media organisation.
  • The project supports C31’s strategic plan for a sustainable business model while remaining true to its values to assist and give voice to the community sector in an affordable way.
  • Every project provides job training, career pathways and employment opportunities for C31 production assistants from all walks of life.



Last modified 13 March 2018


“Community Builder grew out of a simple idea – we’ve seen too many amazing non-profit stories gathering dust on YouTube, so we decided to do something about it.” Brendan Park, C31 Digital Manager.