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HMSTrust grant decisions involve a great deal of deliberation. We regard every grant as a reinforcement of our vision, mission and values, and particularly our strategic aims of Building. Enabling. Leading.

When a grant is approved, there are a number of obligations that grantees are required to complete during the life of the grant, from the completion of a Grant Conditions Form to Report and Financial Acquittal Forms.  Grant payments are linked to the completion of a set of grant requirements.

In addition to completing and submitting the required reports and acquittals, we’re very keen for you to keep in touch with updates on how your project is proceeding.

Projects do not always go to plan and we ask that you keep us informed. If the project activities or budget change from the information in your original grant application, you may require an amendment to your grant, which should be discussed as soon as practicable.

The full social impact of a project or program is not always apparent at the conclusion of the grant period. A good example is HMSTrust’s grant of $25,000 in 2007 to the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council. The impact of this grant took six years to unfold and we are proud to include this project as a featured case study.

See Managing & Reporting Your Grant for further information.