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Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR)

  • Project: Bushfire Recovery Fund
  • Amount: $600,000 over three years
  • Year(s) Funded: 2021

Supporting the long term recovery of bushfire affected communities in Rural and Regional Victoria

A three-way partnership with FRRR, Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and the Sidney Myer Fund draws on experience of disaster recovery and will build the capacity of local organisations playing a central, coordinating or networking role in the recovery of Victorian communities affected by the Black Summer bushfires.

A team selfie from Mallacoota Medical Services, one of the first recipients in November 2021 from the inaugural grant round. Photo: courtesy FRRR

These grants recognise the vital role of these organisations and invest in the skills, tools and resources they need to support their community as they rebuild, and to sustain their work beyond the recovery


The Bushfire Recovery Fund results from a shared vision of aligning funding to support community-led solutions in Victorian communities impacted by the disastrous bushfires of late 2019 and early 2020.  Experience from past bushfire disaster informed that the recovery phase post-disaster is best served by well-resourced local community organisations that understand local needs. It is critical that these organisations have the support needed to sustain their operations and meet increased demand during the recovery period.

The grant program funds organisational initiatives for up to three years to enhance, improve, or sustain their operations, and ultimately strengthen the process of community-led recovery in the medium and long term.

The partnership is grounded in the past experience of each of the three partnering foundations which informed that disaster recovery cannot be rushed, and needs to be community led and longer-term to allow fire-affected communities to recover and thrive.

The first round of grants to communities were awarded in November 2021.