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Citizen Science app ClimateWatch updated and re-launched

Image The ClimateWatch app

The ClimateWatch program harnesses the people power of citizen scientists across Australia to collect phenology data on the behaviour of plants and animals in relation to changes in temperature and rainfall.

ClimateWatch has upgraded its free mobile app making it easy for anyone to get outdoors, collect data and make a purposeful contribution to climate action. The fully revitalised ClimateWatch technology was recently launched at the State Library of Victoria. ClimateWatch is an initiative of Earthwatch Australia and gives every Australian the power to do something about climate change.

Cassandra Nichols, Earthwatch Australia CEO, says “collective action across Australia is essential to fill knowledge gaps and inform solutions on the biggest threat of our time.”

The ClimateWatch app uses robust science to shape policy reform and management strategies, educates society on climate change impacts, and empowers citizen scientists to take action while reconnecting to nature.

In October 2017, EarthWatch received an HMSTrust Impact Grant for its project Stronger Together, a partnership with Parks Victoria, a citizen science project that builds capacity in regional communities to understand, monitor, and take action to protect Victoria’s biodiversity. Using the ClimateWatch app, Victorians will collect images and record behavioural and geographical data on climate sensitive plants and animals in Park trails. The increased scientific knowledge will inform Park Victoria’s management and intervention strategies for species at risk.

To find out more and to download the app, visit http://www.climatewatch.org.au