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HMSTrust’s COVID-19 Plan

We are all dealing with the impact of COVID-19 on our organisations, and of course more broadly on the wider community. 

As a funder, we are acutely aware of the pressures that our grantees and grantseekers may be experiencing, as you all deal with the implications of cancelled activities and interrupted workflows across your operations. We do not underestimate the impact this may be having on your staff and on those you serve. This is not business as usual, and we all need to support each other at this time of unprecedented disruption. 

HMSTrust Business Continuity Plan

All HMSTrust staff have remote access and full flexibility to work from home. We continue to be available via email, our phones are diverted, and we have moved all face-to-face meetings to either phone calls or video conferencing via Zoom as preferred.

Grantee requirements

As mentioned above, we are very aware of the implications of COVID-19, especially now that a State of Emergency has been declared in Victoria. We anticipate that timeframes and requirements attached to current grants may require discussion and review.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with advice regarding your situation, we are here to support you at this time.

General enquiry:              Michelle Springall P: 9999 3005  E: mspringall@hmstrust.org.au

Grant enquiry:                 Sarah Bartak P: 9999 3008  E: sbartak@hmstrust.org.au

                                        Amber Moore: P: 9999 3004  E: amoore@hmstrust.org.au

We wish you and your community good health and fortitude.

HMSTrust Team