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HMSTrust has completed a strategic review of our Grants Policy. The revised Policy will come into effect from April 2017.

HMSTrust’s Grants Policy is reviewed every three years to ensure that our grantmaking remains relevant and effective in a rapidly changing social environment.

Our funding decisions are always guided by our vision for a strong, just and sustainable Victoria, and our grants matrix, which was introduced in 2014, has helped define the Trust’s grantmaking objectives and areas of interest. The learnings from the past three years have informed our review and has enabled us to further sharpen our focus and provide greater clarity to grantseekers.

What is new?

  • Key Objectives are fundamentally the same. Indigenous Victoria is now included as an area of special interest under Reducing Inequality, and Enabling sustainability has been introduced as a new objective.
  • A new Program area, Community, focuses on family, early childhood development and financial resilience. Community has replaced Regional Resilience which continues to be represented by the objective Strengthening rural and regional Victoria which applies across ALL programs.
  • Focus areas have been revised with significant changes to the re-named Arts and Culture and Health.

The revised Grants Policy will come into effect from the start of April. Click this link to download the full 2017 revised Grants Policy.

The first grants round under the revised Grants Policy will be the Social Impact Grants round which opens on 23 May 2017. Initial consultation with grants staff is essential.