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Case Study: Anglicare Victoria

ProjectTEACHaR pilot program

Amount $880,000 (total)

Date2012 and 2014


These grants were approved under previous grants policy
Building organisational capacity Develop and pilot an evidence-based, scalable model for state-wide roll-out.
Extending organisational opportunity Improve the life outcomes of children and young people living in out-of-home care by improving their educational engagement and achievements.
Collaboration and partnership Department of Education and Training, Department of Health & Human Services, Berry Street, MacKillop Family Services, Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency, 200 Victorian schools, foster and kinship carers.

TEACHaR gets an A+ report card for education trial outcomes

Many children living in out-of-home care disengage from learning at an early age. HMSTrust’s funding enabled Anglicare Victoria to trial a response to this issue in Melbourne’s Eastern and Southern Metropolitan Regions and was the catalyst for support from other philanthropic trusts and the Victorian Government. The successful model now operates in all four Melbourne Metropolitan Regions, Gippsland Region and the Loddon Catchment.

Image Anglicare TEACHaR program


  • As a group, children in care underperform the general student population in every academic measure, leaving them at high risk of experiencing poverty, housing and employment instability, poor physical and mental health, unplanned pregnancy, isolation and incarceration.
  • The TEACHaR model provides direct and dedicated support to build up the confidence and passion of these children to engage with learning and achieve to their potential. The program also works to build the capacity of schools/classroom teachers to understand the needs of these children and be better able to support them.
  • The program has proven extremely successful. Children who have had 12 months support from the TEACHaR program show the following outcomes:

~ The percentage of students ‘always or usually actively engaged in learning’ increased from 54.7% at service entry to 73.8% after 12 months support (high correlation with improvements in ‘happiness at school’ and ‘working hard at school’ measures).

~ The percentage of students with ‘average or above academic achievement’ increased from 24.3% at service entry to 57.3% after 12 months.

~ Students with ‘average or above’ literacy skills increased from 25.4% to 53.7% while those with ‘average or above’ numeracy skills increased from 20.5% to 48.8%.

~ The percentage of students not attending school dropped from 15.7% at service entry to 3.7% at 12 months. Those attending school full-time rose from 66.3% to 76.8%.

  • In its initial three years, the TEACHaR program supported 185 school-age children and 450 classroom teachers and other staff within 165 schools and alternative learning centres.
  • Download Anglicare’s TEACHaR Year 3 Snapshot report on outcomes over this period


“I write to support the continuation of the TEACHaR program for the simple reason it works, it supports, and it brings about substantial and longitudinal change in the child and our teachers. As a principal of wide experience never have I seen or experienced such an effective intervention and support program for these children which it serves.” Raymond Yates, Principal, Monbulk Primary.