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Case Study: Shepparton Capacity Building Cohort

ProjectShepparton Community Share

Amount$109,500 combined


ProgramRegional Resilience (past program)

This grant was approved under our previous grants policy (Jan 2014 – March 2017)
Rural and regional Victoria Establish a network amongst four key Shepparton-based not-for-profit agencies providing services to vulnerable people in rural and regional Victoria
Building organisational capacity Create a model to support the exchange of information and identify and deliver shared improvements to support activities
Collaboration and partnership Collaboration between FamilyCare, ConnectGV, Bridge Youth Service, Primary Care Connect

Building capacity and collaboration among four Shepparton social service providers

In May 2015, HMSTrust trialled a capacity-building grants round in Shepparton, which resulted in 11 Community One-off Grants being awarded. Four of the grantees formed a cohort, each submitting a separate application, taking responsibility for a component of the innovative collective impact project.

Image L-R: Kim Turner (Independent Facilitator), Melinda Lawley (The Bridge CEO), Rebecca Lorains (Primary Care Connect CEO), Bruce Giovanetti (ConnectGV CEO), David Tennant (FamilyCare CEO)


The Shepparton Community Share agencies and their areas of activity are: ConnectGV, provider of disability services, reviewing information technology and communication needs across the partner agencies; Primary Care Connect, community health provider, investigating the potential for efficiencies in the ordering and management of essential services; The Bridge Youth Service, youth support provider, exploring opportunities to develop and enhance social media opportunities among the partners; and FamilyCare, regional provider of child and family services, facilitating the development and implementation of a framework.

Objectives include:

  • Engage an independent facilitator to develop a governance model;
  • Increase efficiencies and improvements in essential support and back-office functions;
  • Build collaboration between the partner agencies individually and as a group;
  • Build relationships with key external stakeholders, including other community agencies, funding bodies and product and service providers in areas covered by the projects; and
  • Document and evaluate the collaboration to capture learnings for the benefit of other agencies operating in Shepparton and in similar communities.

FamilyCare www.familycare.net.au
Primary Care Connect www.primarycareconnect.com.au
The Bridge Youth Service www.thebridge.org.au
ConnectGV www.connectgv.com.au

"Some of the most important positives are the simplest things – like having time and opportunity to talk to each other." David Tennant, CEO, FamilyCare