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Managing & Reporting Your Grant

HMSTrust values the work of our grantees and we always enjoy receiving news and updates about the projects we fund.

We maintain a continued interest in the projects that we support and, in accordance with your Grant Agreement, all grantees are asked to acquit their grant at the end of the grant period by providing us with a final report and a financial acquittal. Multi-year grants will need to provide annual progress and financial reports as well. We also understand that sometimes projects do not proceed as anticipated and ask that you keep us informed during the project if changes or delays occur.

Your reports help us to find out how the grant went and understand what difference it made to Victoria. It provides a useful prompt for you to receive feedback on your project, analyse and understand the impact of your work, and gives you an opportunity to reflect on progress and what you’ve learned. Your reports also inform us as grantmakers in this sector. Through you, we learn how to better support organisations, their beneficiaries and the wider sector going forward, and we appreciate your honesty in reporting back to us.


All reporting must be completed via our online system unless otherwise advised. You will be able to access the online reports via My Account from our website and will need to login by using the same details (email address and password) used when submitting your grant application.

You will be asked to report back against the budget you provided in your grant application.

For grants awarded in 2018 or earlier, please download and use the relevant Financial Budget & Acquittal template below. For grants awarded from January 2019, please access your saved budget document which you provided with your grant application, and fill in the Financial Acquittal page for submission as part of your online progress/final report.

If you are using Google Chrome, you may need to right-click on the link and select “Open link in new tab”.


Grantees are welcome to acknowledge our support. Please make sure you spell out our name just as it appears on this website.

If you would like a copy of our logo, please submit a request including where it will be published, in what context, and your preferred file format (jpeg or eps). Approval of final artwork by HMSTrust is required prior to publication. Please provide artwork proofs in a timely manner e.g. minimum of 2-3 days before your production deadlines and not on the day it is going to print.


While many projects develop as anticipated, we also understand that some don’t always proceed according to the plan you outlined in your original grant application. There may be changes including key personnel, project scope, timeline, expected outcomes and outputs, or budget changes.

We ask that you keep us informed during the project if delays or changes occur.  Please contact the Trust to discuss your proposed amendment and, if the changes are deemed significant, you may be asked to submit a Grant Amendment Request form for consideration by the Trust.