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Library and References


The Economic Value of Volunteering
Includes information on how to cost the in-kind value of volunteers for budget preparation. Source: Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development

Budgeting for evaluation – tips for applicants. Tired of reading the same mistakes at the end of grant applications, Dr Squirrel Main (The Ian Potter Foundation) offers grant writers her advice on evaluation budgets within a grant budget. Source: Pro Bono Australia, 11 April 2019.


Community Gardens Manual
A manual written to assist individuals and groups planning to set up a community garden or POD food growing space and funded by a multi-year HMSTrust grant to Sustainable Gardening Australia Foundation in 2010.


School Lawyer Program Framework
A practical guide which defines the model and provides guidance on how to establish and operate a School Lawyer Program in schools. Developed by WEstjustice with the assistance of Social Ventures Australia and funded by an HMSTrust grant in 2017.


Six Steps to Water Leadership: The path to healthy rivers and sustainable water use in Victoria
Developed by Environment Victoria as part of a multi-year grant funded by HMSTrust in 2015.

Evaluation and Measurement

Beyond the Bell: A manual to guide the conduct of evaluation
A step-by-step guide to undertake a project evaluation. Developed for Local Action Groups participating in Beyond The Bell collective impact project and funded by an HMSTrust grant in 2016.

Measuring What Matters – An introduction to project evaluation for not-for-profits
A beginner’s guide to evaluation. Published by Our Community Pty Ltd

Measuring Your Progress and Results
A useful catalogue of metrics for your project including general and sector-specific from GuideStar (USA).

The Partnerships Analysis Tool
VicHealth’s resource for organisations entering into or working in a partnership to assess, monitor and maximise its ongoing effectiveness. Also applicable to partnerships outside health promotion.

Grant Application Writing

Philanthropy How to Guide: Effective Grant-Seeking
A useful guide from Philanthropy Australia on the philanthropic landscape in Australia, how to go about researching funders, and how to put together a submission.

Avoid These Grant-seeking Mistakes: Advice from foundations and seasoned proposal writers
Article from Inside Philanthropy (USA). Advice just as relevant for Australian trusts and foundations.

Implementation and Outcomes

HMSTrust Guide to Developing Outputs and Outcomes

Logic Model Development Guide
A step-by-step guide to develop and implement a program logic model for use in program planning, implementation and dissemination of results. Includes templates and checklists. Courtesy of  W.K. Kellogg Foundation (USA)

Managing to Outcomes: A Guide to Developing an Outcomes Focus
A guide to help you shift your focus to outcomes so that you can tell the story of the real difference your activities are making to the lives of the people you work with, and what the lasting impact will be.
Courtesy of  Social Ventures Australia

Making Replication Work
Seven observations from a review of initiatives that have replicated their model to increase social impact.
Courtesy of  Social Ventures Australia.   View article online in the SVA Quarterly

Organisational Readiness Toolkit
Six steps to becoming an outcomes-driven organisation
Courtesy of Socialsuite

Sustaining Improved Outcomes: A Toolkit
A toolkit which focuses on sustaining improved outcomes and provides a framework for assessing and planning for sustainability.


Time Will Tell – Showcasing stories of good philanthropy
Published in 2009 by Helen Macpherson Smith Trust in conjunction with The Myer Foundation and the Sidney Myer Fund, The Reichstein Foundation, The Melbourne Community Foundation and Portland House Foundation.