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Library and References

Arts and Culture

Community Gardens Manual
A manual written to assist individuals and groups planning to set up a community garden or POD food growing space and funded by a multi-year HMSTrust grant to Sustainable Gardening Australia Foundation in 2010.

Evaluation and Measurement

Beyond the Bell: A manual to guide the conduct of evaluation
A step-by-step guide to undertake a project evaluation. Developed for Local Action Groups participating in Beyond The Bell collective impact project and funded by an HMSTrust grant in 2016.

Measuring Your Progress and Results
A useful catalog of metrics for your project including general and sector-specific from GuideStar (USA).


School Lawyer Program Framework
A practical guide which defines the model and provides guidance on how to establish and operate a School Lawyer Program in schools. Developed by WEstjustice with the assistance of Social Ventures Australia and funded by an HMSTrust grant in 2017.


Six Steps to Water Leadership: The path to healthy rivers and sustainable water use in Victoria
Developed by Environment Victoria as part of a multi-year grant funded by HMSTrust in 2015.


Time Will Tell – Showcasing stories of good philanthropy
Published in 2009 by Helen Macpherson Smith Trust in conjunction with The Myer Foundation and the Sidney Myer Fund, The Reichstein Foundation, The Melbourne Community Foundation and Portland House Foundation.