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Grantees are welcome to acknowledge our support and we appreciate your recognition.

If you are referencing our name anywhere in your material, please make sure it is spelt and looks exactly as it appears in our logo, with a small ‘p’ – e.g. Helen Macpherson Smith Trust.

In December 2014, we changed our logo to the one you see on our website and in all our material as below. Please ensure you have the correct version.

Acknowledging our support

HMSTrust’s Grants Matrix inspired our logo design. Helen’s signature is a bridge between the two pillars of the Grants Matrix, forming a distinctive ‘H’.
HMSTrust logos x 2

As advised above, grantees are welcome to acknowledge our support and we appreciate your recognition.

If you would like a copy of our logo please submit a request, including where it will be published and in what context. We will supply you with .jpg and.eps versions as well as a reverse version to appear on coloured or black backgrounds, and the Style Guide.

  • If the logo is appearing by itself, we ask that you use the extended version (Helen Macpherson Smith Trust).
  • If the logo is to appear with other logos, we recommend using the shortened version (HMSTrust)
  • Approval of final artwork by HMSTrust is required prior to publication. Please provide artwork proofs in a timely manner e.g. minimum of 2-3 days before your production deadlines.

Listing our name instead of our logo

If you choose to acknowledge our support by listing our name, please write our name in full, e.g. Helen Macpherson Smith Trust.

Please check ‘Macpherson’ is written correctly with a small ‘p’ (not MacPherson or McPherson).

Using our logo

The HMSTrust logo is only available in the two variations you see here. Please download the HMSTrust Style Guide for Grantees which provides essential information on how the HMSTrust logo can be used