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Sample Forms & Templates

You are required to discuss your project with a member of the HMSTrust Grants team prior to commencing a submission. These conversations provide information about our funding criteria and guidance on your potential proposal.

On this page you can view, download and print sample application forms for reference only, along with the required templates for grant project budgets. These allow you to see all the information required in our grant applications and to prepare your responses and collate the required attachments ahead of time. There is also a sample of our Standard Grant Conditions.

We suggest that you compose your responses in a separate Word document and cut and paste into the online application to avoid the possibility of losing your work due to a dropped internet connection or accidentally closing the browser window. The narrative sections of the form have fixed word limits.

Please note that applications can only be made online via the Application Gateway on this website when Grant Rounds are open. We strongly recommend you read the Online Application Guide before commencing the application process.


Web version or PDF


Clicking on the links below will download a Word version of the questions contained in the online application form.


If you intend to make a grant application to HMSTrust, you will need to download the relevant budget template, save it with a new name, complete, and upload it to the online application form. If you are using Google Chrome, you may need to right-click on the link and select “Open link in new tab”.